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Path to the Sea

Tauren Folklore:
The Raven and the Star

Anya - 03.25.08
Welcome to Azerothian Diaries. Expect updates to be on a when-I-feel-like-it basis.


When a long-dead memory comes to life once again, one gnome must choose between a buried past and an uncertain future.

Chapters Loaded: 2     Story Started: 10.06.08     Story Finished: -

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Jacob Matthew © 2008  

When night falls, evening whispers.  
~Cyshia Nightwhisper  

Betrayal. The highest crime against a reclusive people, living life separate from the other races of the world. Cyshia Nightwhisper, who has earned the wrath of her people because of betrayal, is faced with the worst punishment she could imagine: Exile.

Chapters Loaded: 1     Story Started: 08.04.08     Story Finished: -

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Anya Talisan © 2008  

As the decline in quality roleplaying becomes more pronounced, I've turned to story writing to fill in the gap. These stories are intended to serve as an alternate timeline to the officially progressing Azeroth storyline.

Expect the format of these stories to be following one character for a while, and then another, spanning different factions and races. This is why they have been broken into separately titled stories rather than under one overarching banner.

While I never intend on making these popular in any sense, it is my hope this will present a benefitial perspective which might influence the roleplaying community to approach the world and their characters as living breathing entities rather than in the context of the static world presented to us.

Coming soon...

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